Thank you so much for the great work on your building! Looks great. -Ravenna Mayor Joe Bica Jr.

Paradise got me in for an emergency repair on extremely short notice and got my truck back in action to keep me working. Mike, Debbie and their techs went above and beyond what I expected of them to help me in a pinch. The kind of customer service that is very rare these days!!!!– Dan P.

Buying a used car is always a gamble. I have taken my car to other places and none have provided the service that I get at Paradise. It’s hard to find a good and reliable mechanic. But, I’ve been with Mike since they have been open. I’ve tried others but end up coming back to have Mike fix what they’ve messed up. I really appreciate the work that Paradise does, the service and of course would recommend them to anyone.– Jesse M.

The business has always provided him with great service– Tim B.

Mike & Debbie were extremely understanding in my vehicle’s needs. I recently bought a used vehicle that obviously needed some mechanical attention & Mike was willing to lie out an honest timeline as to what needs immediate attention & what could be “placed on hold” due to financial understandings.  Additionally, during my first visit, I mistakenly thought Paradise closed at 6:00, which was no problem since I get off work at 5:30-5:45 about 1 mile away. However, Paradise actually closes at 5:00 and due to the fact that this was a Friday and Mike knew I needed my vehicle over the weekend, he was willing to wait until I could make it there. Excellent local business owner! I couldn’t be happier & more trustworthy to send my future business to Paradise. – Jarrid M. 

Great service!! Mike up front about everything. Thank you– Todd W.

As always,Mike goes the extra mile,and takes care of even the littlest items,very professional !! Always trust his work,and he and his wife,Debbie,are very pleasant !!– Mark L.

Once again Paradise Car Care provided exceptional service and looked out for my best interest. Car Care you can Trust. Thanks– Shane H.

Happy with the service and she trusts this business– Carol J.

Mike is very good at giving detailed numbers regarding the costs before work is performed. I’ve been shocked by other auto services because they weren’t honest about charges before starting the work. Not at Paradise though. Always given me nearly exact numbers. Thanks for your honesty and hard work.– Aaron L.

AWESOME as usual. Very personal care. Thanks Mike and Debbie– George M.

Paradise give great service and gives you both high value and great quality– Burt A.

They are always do friendly and honest, no run around.– Becky O.

Paradise has always given me great service and a friendly attitude every time I have gone there- Barbara C.

Very personal service. They are honest and provide quality work.– Aaron M.

Polite professional and efficient. I brought my car in for them to repair,it was done so in a timely,affordable manner.Without a bunch of oversell and pressure.Allen H.

Paradise car care always gives great service and great prices. Mike is the only mechanic I trust to work on my cars. I can’t say enough about paradise car care.– Helen L.

She said the business has a good staff, good service and they are honest. They are reasonable and she has no complaints. Mike is a total asset to the business. He took the time to explain things to her. He is number one as far as she is concerned and she has been to many of these facilities.- Jenny T.

The business provides good service. They got him in and out in a timely manner.– Shawn D.

Honest work being done. I have no fear that the work being done was needed. Mike and his staff are the best car service in the world.– Pam D.

They stayed past close to help me with my car battery. Without them I might not have been able to get home– Jeremy E.

Melissa said she is very satisfied with the business. They were very friendly and prompt, and the price was reasonable.– Michelle R.

Susan said the staff at this business is very caring and they do a good job for a reasonable price. She said she would like to thank them and to tell them to keep up the good work.– Susan M.

The owners are very good and they have a clean facility. All of his family members take their vehicles to this business as well.– Mike G.

Always satisfied with the great service!– Tom D.

Willing to go extra mile to help customers– Steve M.

The business went above and beyond, the service was good and they were very knowledgeable. She thinks the business has a family atmosphere.– Darlene D.

Friendly fair priced service. excellent couldn`t be more satisfied.– Barre D.

He trusts Mike but he does not trust other businesses. There were additional repairs needed because some of the parts were broken but Mike honored his quote.– Greg M.

I had been to a couple of car repair places and felt brushed off by the people working there. They took very little interest in be problem . The people at Paradise took the time to look into the situation and find the problem.– Steve C.

This business does good work, and are usually pretty quick about it.– Josh P.

Kevin said they are very customer oriented and knowledgeable.-Kevin B.

Great service and they care about each customer.– Tom M.

You were very nice, when I was having a small break down because my Jeep was flashing a ton on lights on the dashboard.  You were very helpful and able to get my car back to me, the next day.  I really appreciate the help..! -Kristina R.

Harold said this business has always treated him well. They give him a ride back to his house and pick him up when his vehicle is ready. He has had no problems with them.– Harold A.

Great customer service! Explained everything to a first time car buyer like me.– Micah F.

Great job, love honesty. -Scott O.

Service is exceptional I have been to other garages in the past and paradise knew exactly what my problem was service was fast and thorough I recommend Paradise Car Care to everyone I have never seen a repair shop so neat and clean!-George B.

Mike and Debby have always given us his best. Honest, cheerful and he knows cars.– Charley C.

Steve said everything was fine with this business. He had no problems with them. Everything went smoothly– Steve D.

The work is always done right…– Mack S.

Great repair shop to get your car fixed and running safe for you and your family join there car care club good deal.-Raymond B.

Kathy said this was the fourth business to work on her vehicle. They took care of it right away and kept her informed on what was going on.– Kathy R.

Treated well at this business. They provided a loaner vehicle so she could get to work. She said the people were nice and she got her vehicle fixed. Her overall experience was better than she has had in a long time regarding having her vehicle serviced. She joined the club at the business and said she will be taking advantage of that.– Marsha H.

This business did what needed to be done in a good amount of time– Travis G.

Delivered my car to Paradise this morning, to have a repair kit for a suspension system that went bad, as advised. Took a walk down to McDonalds, ate a small breakfast and walked back. I stopped and browsed at the computer store. By the time I got back to Paradise they had half my car completed. Anothe 20 minutes and the car was done. The enitire staff was very friendly, helpful, and efficient. I would recommend Paradise to everyone.– Glenn H.

The mechanic at this business knows what he is doing. He is always kept informed during the work and likes the customer service there.– Jimmy H.

As always, they care of business and let me know if something else needs to be looked at.– Mark L.

Dear Mike & Crew, I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the service you & your crew provided on my RV. You correctly diagnosed, then quickly fixed the problem a dealer missed after having the unit for 5 days. I was also impressed with the professionalism & courtesy with which I was treated. I am definitely recommending Paradise Car Care to my friends! -LuAnn R.

We have taken our cars to Paradise Car Care for many years. Mike is honest, reliable and always makes it right. These days, it’s nice to know someone that you can count on. -Jeff B.

Mike & his staff do an excellent job with both of our vehicles. He provides great service at a good price & stands behind his work 100%. I trust him with every repair or maintenance item from an oil change to an engine repair.-Phil P.

Earl said this business did what they told him they would do. They also were prompt and friendly– Earl K.

We have 4 cars that we trust Mike Paradise & his team to service.  Their service level is better than any dealership and at much lower prices.! -Keith B.

I have used Paradise in the past for other vehicles. Mike has been very friendly and straight forward with issues concerning the car. He has worked with me to stay within my budget by providing a must have, should have and good to have done list. These list helped me decide how much I was going to spend now and in the future. Highly recommended! Great to find a good mechanic who is honest!– Allen H.

Hey everyone , Mike and his crew are great , they do great work , and at a reasonable Price .. Keep up the good work Mike , we’ll be seeing ya soon :) -Gloria A.

The staff was very knowledgeable and accommodating. Prices were very reasonable and there were no surprises. I will definitely remember Paradise Car Care the next time I need a mechanic.– Greg I.

Paradise is the best. I can always know that Mike is honest and caring for me. I trust Mike with all my car needs– Pam D.