Today’s automatic transmissions are sophisticated systems. Many vehicles have six speeds, and several have seven or even eight speeds. As you can imagine, this means more parts in your vehicle’s transmission.

Today’s transmissions are computer controlled. Some high end transmissions have two or three computers. The experienced technicians at Paradise Car Care receive ongoing training on transmission service and repair. Some car owners assume that transmissions are engineered to last. But they are also engineered to tighter tolerances. If a part of the transmission is starved for lubrication, it can lead to failure. This can occur because of insufficient. Or if the transmission fluid gets dirty or sludgy, small passages in the transmission can get clogged, and the lubricant is blocked and can’t get to all the parts to protect them, so they wear out prematurely.

Most newer vehicles require special transmission fluids – at Paradise Car Care we can make sure you get the type your manufacturer recommends.

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