Paradise Car Care Exhaust & Muffler RepairIt is dangerous to continue driving in a vehicle with a damaged or broken exhaust system. For an exhaust and muffler repair, please contact Paradise Car Care in Ravenna, where our experienced technicians can either make repairs or replace your system if necessary.

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is the piping that is used to guide fumes away from the controlled combustion inside the engine. This system of pipes is specifically designed to carry the exhaust gas away from both the driver and vehicle. If it is not properly vented out of the vehicle, carbon monoxide could build up inside of the vehicle cabin, which is not only dangerous, but can be deadly.

The piping system must be heat-resistant, as the gases expelled are extremely hot. It is also important that the pipes do not pass through or near anything that can potentially burn or be damaged by the high levels of heat. A vehicle’s exhaust system also has to be tuned in order to function fully and properly.

There are state emissions regulations that must be met for older vehicles, as well as newer ones. For newer vehicles, a test is not needed until the vehicle has aged a few years. A faulty exhaust would cause you to fail these tests, which makes your vehicles unfit for use. If a vehicle cannot pass the emissions test, the owner will either have to visit a specialized auto mechanic for repairs, or attempt to make the fix themselves. It is recommended that for a failing exhaust, you visit an auto repair shop as it can be dangerous if the system is incorrectly installed, or insufficiently repaired.

Fuel system cleaning services provide excellent benefits to your vehicle. From maximizing fuel economy to reduced vehicle emissions, a clean fuel system restores performance and improves drivability.

Let the experienced technicians at Paradise Car Care inspect your fuel and exhaust system and recommend the best repairs to keep you safe and on the road.

At Paradise Car Care in Ravenna Ohio, we provide you with a No Worry Warranty & always provide a Better Quality of Service.

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