Paradise Car Care Radiator Replacement & CoolantYour vehicle’s cooling system keeps your engine at the proper operating temperature.

The coolant in your car or truck is the mix of water and antifreeze that circulates through the engine to draw off heat. First, you need to have the proper amount. If you don’t have enough coolant, it can’t keep your engine cool.

You also need the right kind of coolant. Different vehicles require different coolant formulation to protect against corrosion.

Finally, your coolant needs to be fresh. Over time and miles, the anti-corrosion additives in the coolant are depleted and the coolant can actually start to eat away at the cooling system parts. Your owner’s manual and the experienced technicians at Paradise Car Care can help you with the recommended coolant replacement schedule and make sure you’re getting the right type of coolant for your vehicle.

Engine damage from overheating can be very expensive to repair, so it’s important to maintain your cooling system properly with scheduled coolant replacement and periodic inspections of the cooling system.

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